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​​​​Scapeflow, Inc. is an education technology startup based in NYC. We develop AI-based apps to motivate student reflection as learners and to help teachers facilitate student-centered classroom instruction.

​Current Services:

1. Comiq provides an efficient method to boost test scores. Students use their phone’s camera to capture SAT Math questions they missed, and the app automatically shows which question types they need most help with and suggests helpful videos and additional practice questions.

Voted #4 (2019) and #6 (2020) in the SAT Practice category by AppGrooves! Watch Comiq in action, and download the app on your mobile device: iOS or Android.

2. Smart Qbank offers one-on-one instruction to help both students and teachers. Our AI algorithm will handle intelligent question generation and reporting and save your time and energy so you can focus on the most important aspect of your job: teaching.

Go to the website and start your free trial today!

3. Scapeflow intelligently curates content on the web for learning. It combines novel, patent-pending methods for user interaction (navigating a knowledge landscape) with sophisticated machine learning techniques to create an engaging, personalized learning experience that feeds curiosity and ties concept learning to the real world and practice.

What’s Next:

We want to listen to educators to help support their real and immediate needs. Please let us know if you’d like to keep in touch in the future, or if you are interested in providing feedback as we work on upgrades and new features.